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About Us

Tradition. Founded in 1981, Chubb Associates is one of the oldest and most respected real estate firms in Thomasville and the surrounding area. First time home buyers, historic homes, downtown Thomasville and multimillion-dollar plantations--Chubb has the knowledge, experience and resources to handle all your real estate needs.

Deeply rooted in the Thomasville lifestyle, we deliver an extra touch of personal service when guiding you through the process of buying or selling your property. We value our clients and our clients value us. Our services have been passed down through generations of families who have bought and sold with Chubb.

When selling your property, we customize our marketing plan to fit your needs. When acting as your buying agent, we scrutinize all listed properties as well as suitable properties that are not listed on the open market. Due to our extensive list of past clients and contacts, a large percentage of sales come from reaching out to owners with unlisted properties.

Wether you are buying, or selling, property in the Thomasville area, we have a specialist ready to work for you.

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